Frequently Asked Questions

For Ideators

trending_flat A real time timeline of your startup is generated, depending on the stage of your startup Various investors, corporate companies and market experts review your unique ideas looking at your timeline, increasing the chances of fund raising and corporate tie-ups Free online mentoring, the unique structure of the website helps you to know which services you require at the current stage of your startup Easy and approachable dashboard for the ideators helping them to see the progress of their startup in realtime basis. More than 100+service providers from across the industry and cities on one platform, makes it one stop shop for all your requisites to save your time and effort Access to angel investors, VCs across India and abroad Control who can view your idea making it public or private Connect with various founders, ideators, co-founders, advisors and mentors Increase the followers of your idea and profile completness, to get fast access to the investors, corporate companies and mentors
trending_flat It is pretty simple, get registered on and upload your unique idea with giving the maximum possible details. Note: Please do not give any blue prints of your ideas/innovations, we only ask for your business plan and the problem solving statement along with your USP. Our website converts your idea into a real-time timeline which would help you to convert your idea or startups into a successful business. Your dashboard helps you to add 5 ideas per user Our inbuilt milestones helps you to know your next targets, you can move the milestones according to your approach and feasibility. Create your own milestones and add achievements, to know your short term and long term goals and targets. You would be recommended with various services and mentors according to your geographic locations and phase of your idea. Fund raising becomes easy as you can simply share your idea handle with the investors and they can see your complete idea along with the timeline to know how have you grown over the time.
trending_flat We believe everybody is genius in its own way, so we do not have any criteria for the ideators. However, we only encourage serious entrepreneurs to be a part of the ecosystem.
trending_flat We welcome ideas from any sector and any area. We have worked with start-ups from IoT to Bollywood, Fintech to agriculture and Healthcare to Edtech. So if your idea is unique in nature and is solving the purpose of the problem we would help you in nurturing your ideas.
trending_flat We require basic info: Name of the idea, company, team, phase, start date, when you started working on your idea? and end date, when do you want your ideas or startups to be a successful business? We also encourage the grown start-ups to upload their Business deck, financials and other requisites to showcase it to the investors and corporate companies. We do not ask for any blueprints or confidential documents of your idea or prototype.
trending_flat We understand that your ideas are confidential and would not like it to be replicated or stolen. To solve this purpose we give you an option of keeping the idea in private or public mode. Keeping the ideas in private mode would let only you and investors on our platform to see the ideas, whereas public mode would give access to your ideas to everyone who can follow your idea on our website and increase your chances to get funding.
trending_flat Yes, you can get in touch with our team and we can help you to cater all your needs after evaluating your startup.
trending_flat Once you sign up on SaYourideas, you can access various investors profile and see their past records and current interests. You can connect to them via messages only if an investor allows. We therefore encourage everyone to create a complete idea profile and increase the followers which inturn would increase your chances to get connected to the investors.
trending_flat No, you do not pay anything for any contacts. You only pay if you take any services from our service providers.
trending_flat We carry out a number of checks on each investor when they register, by calling them and cross checking different information. We also check their social profiles and do references check. However, we also promote that you should also do your own due diligence on any investor you deal with. Please help out the community by reporting and endorsing investors.
trending_flat Send us a message through the "Contact Us" page or email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible

For Investors

trending_flat Ticket and funding round sizes vary depending on the needs and desires of the entrepreneur - we have start-ups looking to raise funds ranging from a few lakhs to several million dollars.
trending_flat Our service is free to the investors.
trending_flat This platform is designed to be used by sophisticated investors or investment professionals (Seed, Angels, VCs, PE). Please check the registration page for more details.
trending_flat This platform is designed to be used by sophisticated investors or investment professionals (Seed, Angels, VCs, PE). Please check the registration page for more details.
trending_flat You can send a message directly to any startup or can also ask our team to get further details of any idea or startup you are interested in.
trending_flat No, the government law does not allow investing through website. So we recommend you to be in touch with the entrepreneur offline, we will help you get in touch with the startup and setup a meeting to discuss the things in detail.
trending_flat We do our due diligence upto a mark. However, we strongly recommend you to do your own due diligence on any company you are considering investing in.
trending_flat We match different start-ups on the basis of your interest and ticket size and recommend you on your investors dashboard and via email. Start-ups are also allowed to contact you through inbox messaging, only if you give the permission for it. For more personalised services please connect with us on
trending_flat We do not share your contact information with anyone except entrepreneurs you choose to connect with. Connections with entrepreneurs are made completely on your terms so your details are private until you decide to connect with a particular entrepreneur.
trending_flat There are no specific criteria, but you need to be aware of the risks involved with the investment commitment. We do our investors diligence check, where our representative will be calling you to verify your details. Once we are done with all the checks, we would then approve your registration as an investor.

For Service Providers

trending_flat No, there are no such sign-up charges. We only charge you when you get any assignments through us. If you need any further details or would like to discuss the charges we take while giving the assignments, please feel free to email us at
trending_flat To maintain the sanctity and avoid any nuisance to our startups and investors, we do not disclose any personal information of the startups and investors. However, you can surely send them a message in their inbox (no spams) through our portal after approving by the admin.
trending_flat SaYourideas helps connecting you to different startups, ideators and SMEs for any particular need they have in their business. We help you increasing your business and give you an opportunity to connect with people in different domains.
trending_flat Yes, you can become a co-founder of a company if your skill set matches the requirements of the startups. We would connect you the relevant parties and you can take the things forward with them directly.
trending_flat Our search works on your location and the services you provide. We sort the service providers with highest ratings and positive reviews to give the best quality people to our startups and companies. So if you like to be on top of the list, please ask your previous customers to give you a positive review and increase your ratings.
trending_flat Yes, we push all our startups to list their services on our platform as service providers if they are relevant to the Startup industry. You need to create two profiles as a service provider and as a startup.